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A follow-up on an earlier post asking why the NZIA doesn’t promote the services of architects in the popular media.

I corresponded briefly with Beverley McRae at the NZIA, who suggested that while it was the responsibility of individual practices to manage their own marketing, the Institute actually did “quite a lot” of advertising to the general public. I’d appreciate it if anyone who has seen some of this advertising could point it out to me. Ms McRae didn’t feel inclined to assist. She did, however, indicate that there was some new advertising in the pipeline to be launched “when we think the time is right” (I asked for a preview, but I think that might have been a rude question!).

I got the sense that the NZIA wasn’t particularly interested in dialogue (at least public dialogue) about this.

It still seems to me that there is a need to publicise the value that architects provide. For a person about to build a new house, who has never worked with an architect before, the question is not ‘which architect should I employ?’ but ‘should I employ an architect?’. For many, the question may not even occur—perhaps it would be a worthy goal to see that it does.

If you have a view, comment below or contact the NZIA directly.

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