Black Maria: References

[ Part I ]

[ Part II ]

[ Part III ]

A non-exhaustive reference list for works by Hiroshi Nakao, including Black Maria:

(2004)10×10, Haig Beck & Jackie Cooper ed. (Black Maria, Bird Cage)

(2001) XS: Big Ideas, Small Buildings, Phyllis Richardson ed. (Black Maria, Gisant/Transi)

(2001) Lotus. n111, 2001 (Black Maria, Observation Tower, Dark Box Bird Cage)

(2001) Detail. v41, n8 (Dec), pp1496-98 (Black Maria)

(2000) quaderns. n226 (Jul), pp56-65 (‘Creating a Hollow’; ‘Not to be at Home’)

(1999) GA Houses. n59 (Feb), pp144-145 (House with Gallery)

(1997) ume. n5, pp16-23 (Dark Box Bird Cage)

(1997) AA Files. n33 (Summer), pp72-76 (Dark House Bird Cage, Studio for Flower Artist)

(1997) Domus. n794 (Jun), pp18-25 (Studio for Flower Artist)

(1996) Japan Architect. n24 (Winter), pp210-213 (House for Flower Artist)

(1995) GA Japan Environmental Design. n17 (Nov-Dec), pp94-96 (Summer House)

(1995) GA Houses. n47 (Oct), pp68-73 (Dark Box Bird Cage)

(1995) World Architecture. n32, pp88-93: (‘Second Trend in Japanes Architecture; Poetics of HN’)

(1995) GA Houses. n45 (Mar), pp150-151 (Penthouse, Black Maria)

(1993) Architecture d’aujourd’hui. n289 (Oct), pp74-79 (Dark Box Bird Cage)

(1993) Japan Architect. n9 (Spring), pp228-229 (Dark Box Bird Cage)

(1993) Japan Architect. n11 (Autumn), pp194-203 (‘Black Indoors White Yard’)

(1993) Space Design. n5(344) (May), pp88-89, (‘Report on Ando Exhibit’)

(1992) Japan Architect. n6 (Spring), pp38-53, (‘Creating hollows’, Chairs for a Photographer, Dark Box Bird Cage)



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