Skarbakka, Suspended in Time

Feel queasy with me at Kerry Skarbakka’s hilarious-horrific falling photographs [Guardian slideshow]. The body is suspended in space by a combination of camera trickery and plain old-fashioned stuntwork. Skarbakka exposes the potential hostility of the built environment: every corner, slippery surface, step, bridge, or window is an opportunity for the body to be launched dramatically into the void. I like these better than Yves Klein’s famous Le Saut dans le Vide (1960). Eep, the one with the bathtub…


One thought on “Skarbakka, Suspended in Time

  1. I find these images and the intent behind them, exceptional. I am interested how our spaces and their inhabitants (non-human) reflexively impact on our somatic bodies/perceptual bodies/roaming bodies. These images are for me, reminiscent of Erwin Wurm`s performance pieces where the body becomes symbiotically part of the complexity of spacial occurrence at any one moment – irreverent, embarrassing, disturbing, dynamic. Love it.

    I am interested in receiving updates from this site and the possibility of contributing myself. Please see My Masters in Art and Design blogsite, above

    Mike Baker


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