Myriahedral Projections

This paper in the Cartographic Journal describes Myriahedral projections. The problem of how to unfold a more-or-less-spherical earth onto a two-dimensional surface has been approached in many ways. The author, van Wijk, works from the principle of Buckminster-Fuller’s Dymaxion map: the more pieces you cut the globe into, the less distortion occurs. His Myriahedral projections are based on polygonal spheres with a huge number of facets. They are unfolded by an algorithm that can be set to maintain certain relationships: keeping all the land together, for instance; or dividing only along graticule lines, or grouping the sea at the centre.


3 thoughts on “Myriahedral Projections

  1. thanks – I’ve updated the link to one that is hopefully more stable.


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