Previously at Diffusive Architectures

If you just linked here from BLDGBLOG (thanks, Geoff, I’ve had quite a traffic spike!), you might want to check out some of these older posts. I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have, so don’t hesitate to comment. I’m also on Twitter and delicious.

The Traction of Drawing

Operative Drawing I: Miralles

Hydriotaphia: The Failed Case

The Diffused Fortress I

The Diffused Fortress II: Diagram

Invisible Liquid Topographies

Black Maria I: Likeness

Black Maria II: Mobility

Black Maria III: Failure

Sloterdijk on Apartments


Sleeping Over

From now until the end of January posting might be intermittent here, because I’ll be deliberately AFK as much as possible – but I’m just getting the hang of this blogging thing, and have no intention of letting it slide yet!



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