Liam Young and the expanded field

Liam Young (of Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today and the Unknown Fields Division) is interviewed by Alexander Philips of URBNFTR:

The infrastructure that drove the development of the city was once large permanent networks of roads, plumbing and park spaces but are now nomadic digital networks, orbiting GPS satellites and cloud computing connections. Cities are being planned around the speed of electrons, satellite sight lines and big data. Connection to wifi is more critical than connection to light. The city must be planned around the mobile phone not the automobile.

Comments by mammoth here, endorsing an “expanded field of practice” for architecture. My question is whether it’s really architecture that needs to expand into a meta-practice, or whether a new, more general field of spatial design would be better. Architecture, as a discipline and a profession, is very heavily freighted with assumptions about what is important in the human environment.




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