Vertical Ground, Code [9], 2012

This is some kind of Turing test, right? Well I’m not going to be fooled. The project description was clearly generated by a script thats been hoovering up generic project descriptions from eVolo competition entries:

a deployable system that can reconfigure into any environment… a new definition of a campus… proto-design agenda of the Design Research Laboratory… pursuing architectural distinctions and differentiation to have embedded cognitive intelligibility… dividing the tower into groupings of program and open space, core articulation, and by activating open spaces with horizontal connections… distinct hierarchy of spaces and their connections, thus allowing the micro to develop the macro. The spaces connect based upon circulation patterns, room adjacencies and student capacities…

It appears to be a project carried out at the Architectural Association under Patrik Schumacher, who stirred the pot with an op-ed for the Architectural Review complaining about excessively fictional student projects. Is this his idea of an alternative? It doesn’t seem to be any more connected to reality, and has the added demerit of being completely boring.



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