Carl Douglas

This blog is a place for testing: works in progress, half-formed thoughts, and shiny things of interest. Nothing here is likely to be consistent, complete, final or immutable.

I’ve taught architecture at the University of Auckland, and am currently a Lecturer in Spatial Design in the School of Art and Design at AUT University. My research centres mainly on various manifestations of distribution, difference, and collective subjectivity. In opposition to theories of space that concentrate efficacy into architectural objects, I want to emphasise centrifugal movements of scattering and spreading, particularly where they traverse various horizons of human encounter (visual horizons, for example, or horizons of mobility). I am attracted to the materialist philosophies of Deleuze, Delanda, Latour, and Sloterdijk; as well as theories of architectural autonomy and formalism (which are full of holes and interesting problems).

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Diffusive Architectures is written by me, and reflects my own opinions, not those of my employer, colleagues or anybody else. Obviously.