Sam Jacob on post digital representation in architecture

Sam Jacob on post digital representation in architecture — “collage is now seamless, and not being able to see the join makes collage work in a very different way. In short, it’s Photoshop rather than Grasshopper that is the real site of productive digital speculation.”


Smart cities ‘will destroy democracy’

Smart cities ‘will destroy democracy’ — “As the tech companies bid for contracts, Haque observed, the real target of their advertising is clear: “The people it really speaks to are the city managers who can say, ‘It wasn’t me who made the decision, it was the data.’””

Courtney Humphries, “The city is an ecosystem, pipes and all”

Courtney Humphries, “The city is an ecosystem, pipes and all” — “Cities may strike us as the opposite of “the environment”: As we pave streets and erect buildings, nature comes to feel like the thing you find somewhere else. But scientists working in the growing field of urban ecology argue that we’re missing something. A city’s soil collects pollutants, but it also supports a vast system of microscopic life. Water courses beneath roads and buildings, often in long-buried streams and constructed pipes. And city ecosystems aren’t static; they change over time as populations grow, infrastructure ages, and different political structures and social values shape them. Seen this way, the city is a distinct form of “environment,” and an important one.”